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Why Online Doctor’s Consultations are More Convenient than Traditional Appointments

Why Online Doctor’s Consultations are More Convenient than Traditional Appointments

An Overview of Online Medical Consultations:

Online medical/doctor consultations is another name of telehealth communication that provides commodious way to approach health care consultants virtually. These medical advisors allows patients to have an open communication with experts through the internet around the globe on the sensitive topics such as sexual health care and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) with proper diagnose. It’s a modern way of technology to get connected with any medical experts remotely. Dr. Bentley is one of the top certified telehealth service provider web that offers many medical services by saving both time and budget. It’s no doubt a secure way to get consultation on each disease in your comfort zone.

Difference Between Online Consultation and in-Person Visit


Online doctor consultation is a telehealth communication via digital web. Remote consultation is quite popular among those who feel shy and anxiety for physical checkup. Even patients suffering from STIs feel embarrassment to talk about such sensitive topics physically like sexual health, sexually transmitted disease etc. its time saving approach for minor and sensitive ailments as compare to in-person visit. After the pandemic 76% people of the United States uses telehealth services.


Online consultation is trendy because of various causes.

Virtual consultation is convenient for online doctor appointments as patients can contact the medical advisors anytime, anywhere via using mobile phones through internet. It’s popular among working professionals who want consultation by saving both time and money.

Online health care platforms provide services in the remote areas where there is no access to medical health facilities.

Virtual appointments are time saving services as it’s easier to get an appointment online as compare to in-person visits 

These remote consultations generally save travel cost and waiting hassle.

Patients feels more convenient to discuss the issue openly and privately about all sex related topics such as herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

Online portals like Dr. Bentley is quite confidential remote medical consultation site as it take care of the privacy of patients. Moreover, follow-ups are much more flexible as they reduce the cost of traveling. 

In person visits refers to physical appointments with specialist doctors or health officers. These appointments involves visiting the doctor at their clinic or hospital for proper consultation of the illness. This actually a face to face interaction with medical experts who examine the patient physically. These visits are popular for all those ailments that require physical checkup and procedure on site of healthcare officers. While telehealth sessions are convenient, there are still some critical situations that need physical examination of the patient. Here are some chronic diseases that require physical checkup and examination in detail.

Severe injuries like cuts, fractures and scorched need in person treatment 

Cardiac disorders also need a physical examine like X-rays, ECG etc.

Migraine , panic attacks require immediate treatment 

Viral infections or spreadable disease like TB require proper quarantine and treatment 

Chronic disease like cancer require  bodily examination involves biopsies and proper treatment with oncologist 

Pregnancy is one of the highlight medical condition that actually needs in person visits for delivery and proper diagnose like ultrasounds , blood tests etc.

In person appointments are actually hands on treatment where hands on procedures and a content examination of the patient is practiced. Some patients feel more satisfied and confidential while face to face interaction. It is essential in all those procedures where lab work is required like blood samples, Biopsies, X rays an ultrasounds. It is popular for emergency conditions like heat stroke, heart attacks, panic attacks, severe burns etc. these all emergency conditions needs hands on immediate procedure.

Telehealth and in person visits have pros and cons side by side that are as mentioned.

The Limitations and Obstacles of Online Healthcare Concerns are:

Defined physical examination is one of the cons of telehealth as some chronic medical disorders need a detailed examination.

Telehealth consultation may lack of analytical and examination tools that are essential in some medical condition that need proper testing for the accurate treatment and diagnose of the ailment 

Online portals are not suitable for emergency treatment that stand in need of immediate  attention

The Limitations and Cons of in Person Visits are:

Face to face appointments require a proper waiting time , travel cost to reach the healthcare centers and patience that are quite inconvenient as compare to telehealth that is quite convenient and flexible

Habitants of remote areas have limited access to healthcare centers so in all such areas telehealth plays a vital role

Some individuals have not enough potential to wait for longer in medical centers for checkup as compare to telecare that offers time consuming appointments

Physical visits are more expensive than telemedicine as they increase the cost of travel.

In healthcare centers viral diseases spread quickly as contaminated surface transmit infection from one person to the other whereas in telecommunication there is no risk of infectious disease as it is safe and secure portal 

Individual have less potential to follow ups as it is not feasible and convenient to wait in each follow up and travel to reach the healthcare centers.

Both telehealth advisors and in-person appointments have their distinctive place in trendy healthcare and the choice between these both depends on the medical condition and procedure required for each health condition. It’s crucial to note that telehealth is becoming trendier after pandemic and quite feasible for sensitive topics like STIs and STDs as compare to analytical appointments. 

Pros of Online Doctor Services

Online consultation is quite attractive for many individuals as it has many advantages that are as:

A Virtual Doctor has no Access Boundaries 

Virtual consultation actually means that patient can connect the doctor anywhere, anytime remotely just a click on the web via mobile phone unlike onsite checkups that have unlimited boundaries like making a call for appointment, waiting for doctor and travel cost etc. Telemedicine offers video calls and chats for diagnose and prescription for the treatment. It is a well-organized way to receive healthcare without visiting to any medical facility providers.

It Reduce Travel and Budget Cost

Remote doctors save the travel and budget cost as you don’t bother to visit to any medical facility. It eventually reduced the time required for waiting in hospitals plus it also saves money that need to travel to the clinic. Virtual health officer’s offers video calls and chats to openly discuss the issue by home.

It is Confidential and Convenient 

Online portals like Dr. Bentley are pretty confidential as they provide best telehealth services. You can have an honest and open conversation with the doctor about any medical issue. Sensitive topics like sexual health requires more private communication with the doctor remotely saving both effort and time. It serves as affordable medical consultation by reducing the cost of travel.

Viral Infection Prevention 

Whenever you visit any health clinic, there is ever a possibility of infectious diseases to transmit from one person to the other. In such scenarios, telehealth is pretty safe as it reduce the risk of infection. After the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of individuals feel secure to consult the doctor remotely. Anyone with less immunity usually prefer to consult by home.

Efficient for Teenagers and Householders as it Provides Best Telehealth Services 

Telemedicine is popular among all those teenager who literally hesitate to travel to the doctor and get diagnosed for the sex related infections even householders suffering with the sexually transmitted infections feel uncomfortable to visit the doctor physically for treatment. In all such cases, telemedicine is efficient and safe where you can openly communicate and get the proper prescription.

Drawbacks of Virtual Consultations 

Online telehealth services has some defined cons along its benefits. 

Restrict Physical Examine 

A restricted physical examination of the patient is one of the top drawback of online services as some health conditions requires a proper and comprehensive checkup for the accurate diagnose of the illness.

Deficit of Analytical Tools 

Remote doctors has limited access to diagnostic tools that are crucial for some medical conditions to accurately diagnose the ailment for further procedure.

Critical Conditions Needs Immediate Attention 

Emergency situation or some life threatening conditions like road side accidents, cardiac attacks, neurological disorders, skin burns are all those factors that requires an immediate physical treatment and proper procedure. In all such cases, in-person visits is essential.

Surgical Procedures 

Surgical procedures requires proper instruments and hospital to perform hands on procedure like breasts biopsy, implants, dental surgeries, cesarean section are quite common that needs physical appointments for the proper treatment. Tele doctors have no access to these surgical procedures due to the lack of analytical instruments.

Privacy Concerns 

Many patients feels insecure while connecting to the doctor via video calls. Even there is a risk of hackers to hack the sensitive information of the virtual patient. So people feel more flexible to let the doctor examine physically.

Follow ups 

Some critical conditions requires physical appointments and a routine checkup to examine the  improvement of that specific medical condition like many diseases requires monthly follow ups for ultrasounds and blood samples to diagnose the ailment accurately. 

Overall, telehealth and in-person visits have pros and cons side by side. In most of the cases, it’s pretty fine to get the benefits of hybrid approach for proper consultation and diagnose.



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