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What is Herpes? Genital Herpes VS Oral Herpes

What is Herpes? Genital Herpes VS Oral Herpes


Genital herpes is a sexual infection that carries through sensual intimacy. This sexual health disorder is linked with the herpes simplex virus and is transmitted from one contaminated person to another through vaginal, oral, and anal sexual activity. That is a kind of bacterial contagion caused by the Herpes virus that passes through sexual pleasure with your sexual partner. Telecare facilities offer genital herpes online treatment and diagnoses for this disease. They provide the facility to connect with an online doctor for genital herpes. Patients with genital herpes can experience symptoms like painful blisters on the genital area. 
Oral herpes or fever blisters refer to the virus that is caused by herpes simplex virus. It usually spreads through oral sex that may involve kissing, sucking, and sharing each other utensils. This oral herpes virus is an infectious disease that can cause breakouts around the mouth, like sores or painful blisters on the face, lips, and mouth discomfort. This orally spread virus has influenza-like symptoms such as sore throat, fever, fatigue, and blister lymph nodes. E-health services provide oral herpes online treatment.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

Symptoms of this herpes virus can vary from person to person. This genital herpes can affect the health of both genders, males and females. Its common symptoms involve:

  • Itching or ache in the genital area of both men and women. Vaginal itching and discomfort in women and pain in the scrotum and penis in men.
  • Small painful sores around the reproductive organism of both genders
  • Blisters around the anus and mouth
  • Gray thick discharge from the urethra and vagina with an unpleasant odor. 

Symptoms of Oral Herpes

Herpes simplex virus is highly contagious and affects millions of people around the globe. Symptoms of HSV may vary from individual to individual. However, the most common manifestations are:

  • Itching or irritation on the area where the infection starts.
  • Red small blister around the mouth that causes pain
  • Tingling sensation around the lips
  • Fluid-filled painful blisters on the lips and gums.
  • Sore throat with inflammation 
  • Pain in the body and fatigue
  • Fever in some cases with swollen nodes.

Many people with these herpes viruses have no symptoms at all or have mild symptoms. But they can cause the transmission of these infectious diseases to their sexual partners. However, it is advisable to get regular monitoring to prevent the risk of contracting these viruses and to stop the transmission. 

Online Treatment for Genital Herpes and Oral Herpes

It is essential to comprehend these diseases by herpes virus.  It may leave a prominent impact on the psychological and physical health of both males and females.  Many people feel shame to disclose such issues with their sexual partners which eventually leads to the spread of infection. And this arrogance may lead to the severity of these herpes viruses. So, it is important to have information about sex education before you start a relationship. 
Telecare services have the facility of virtual treatment of many diseases. You just need to reach a reputable health platform like Dr.Bentley. Schedule an appointment with the online doctor for oral herpes and genital herpes for the proper screening. Based on the monitoring outcomes, doctors prescribe antiviral medications to cure the herpes simplex virus. Doctors recommend antiviral medicines for the cure of genital herpes and oral herpes. You can have access to herpes medication online through these secure panels.  However, the tenure of dosage depends on the severity of the infection. Moreover, patients with genital herpes should practice safe sexual methods of intercourse to reduce the risk of virus transmission. 

Prevention Care

The primary prevention method to reduce any sexual infection is to adopt secure sensual approaches by using barriers. These sexual barriers may include vaginal and urethral condoms that help to prevent sensual ailments. Try to Use oral dams in oral sex methods to prevent oral herpes. Avoid using contaminated sex toys with your sex partner. Have an open conversation with your sex mate before intercourse. However, you need a proper consultation with a virtual doctor to decrease the risk of transmission of contagions.
Try to avoid sexual intimacy if you have a history of STIs or experience any symptoms. However, sexually active individuals must have regular examinations to stay secure from sexually transmitted infections. If you have any kind of symptoms as painful blisters around the reproductive organism or pain inside the uvula. Try not to have sexual activity in such conditions. Be humble to understand each other feelings and emotions and respect them.

Difference Between Genital Herpes and Oral Herpes

  • The foremost difference between these two herpes is of position. Genital herpes causes infection and blisters around the reproductive area of both men and women. It includes the vagina in the women and urethra in men. While, oral herpes causes painful sores around the lips, mouth, and face. 
  • Genital herpes spreads through a sexual contact like vaginal sex. While oral herpes spreads through direct lip-to-lip contact. It includes direct oral touch like kissing and sharing each other mouth dams. 
  • Both genital herpes and oral herpes are caused by herpes simplex virus. But the position of blisters is different in both. 

Why opt for Dr. Bentley for the Online Treatment of Herpes?

Dr. Bentely is an authentic and confidential platform that provides health services remotely. Online portals like Bentley are encrypting and secure. Moreover, online panels are cost-effective and accessible to everyone. These panels enable you to get herpes treatment online. You can easily schedule an appointment with a health expert at your ease. Furthermore, genital herpes and oral herpes are caused by herpes simplex virus. But their position, transmission, and symptoms are different. These HSV-spread diseases can be cured by approaching safe sexual methods with barriers. However, it is advisable to avoid sexual activity when you suspect any symptoms of these HSVs. 


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